Ai Klean

Ai Klean
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High Quality House Cleaning and Maid Services in the Los Angeles area

We provide high quality professional maid services (including house cleaning at a reasonable price) to the entire South Bay area and other parts of Los Angeles.
Our Japanese staffs are trained professionals and experts at cleaning inside your home. Our services cover a wide range of tasks so you may have more time on concentrating on the importing things in life such as family, friends, career and hobbies.
We're confident that you will love our cleaning service!!

300 bonus miles for first-time customer!

Calculating mileage

US$1 = 1 mile*
*Miles are calculated based on the service only

Mileage accumulation date

  • 1. Please provide your name and JMB number at the time of service.
  • 2. Mileage will be credited to your account within one to two months after the completion of service transaction.


  • 1. Only the individual who utilizes the services of Ai Klean may earn mileage.
  • 2. Retroactive mileage credit is not allowed.

For details and inquiries

Ai Klean
Tel: 310-989-7968
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