Nada Sake

The Nada District in Kobe is one of Japan’s top sake producing regions. Nada is renowned for its sake thanks to the high quality rice, suitable water and good weather in the area. There are many sake breweries that operate in Nada, of which a large number offer free tours and sake tasting. Some breweries even host museums which reveal the secrets behind the sake making process using highly informative displays (in Japanese and English), videos and artifacts. The breweries are all close together and make for a pleasant day time stroll. For any sake or Japan enthusiast, a visit to Nada is a must.

How to get there

By public transportation
Hanshin Railways, Hankyu Railways, and the JR Tokaido Line run parallel north of the Nada district. The stations on the Hanshin Line are the closest to the district and its attractions.

Address: 5-10-11, Mikagehommachi, Higashinada Waed, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Airport: Itami Airport

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