Takeda Castle Ruins

Japan's Castle in the Sky
Standing 348 meters above sea level and offering spectacular views of Hyogo Prefecture are the ruins of Takeda Castle, one of the most beautiful historic sites in Japan. Built in about 1441, the ruins run a quarter of a mile long and over 300 foot wide. Though abandoned in the early 1600s, the grandeur and magnificence remains and pays homage to how imposing the structure must have been. This has led to Takeda Castle being named one of Japan’s 100 most famous castles and a National Historic Site.

While breathtaking all year round, it is in autumn when the Takeda Castle ruins truly come alive, attracting huge numbers of visitors. On autumn mornings when a thick mist hangs in the sky because of a sharp drop in overnight temperatures, the castle ruins appear to be floating among a sea of clouds. It is this phenomenon that gives the site its other name: Japan’s Machu Picchu, after the majestic mountain ruins of Peru. This spectacular sight can be seen from the top of the nearby Ritsuunkyo Mountain. The ruins are approximately a 40-minute hike from the foot of the mountain, and are easily accessible from other major tourist spots in the area.

How to get there

From Takeda Station (Bantan Line), take a 15-minute taxi ride or walk for 60 minutes.

Address: 169, Wadayamacho Takeda, Asago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Airport: Tajima Airport

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