Unajuu and Unadon

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Lake Hamana and Tenryu River in Shizuoka Prefecture are well known for eel, with numerous famous eel restaurants in the surrounding areas.
The best time to eat eel is in autumn when they are fattened prior to hibernating in winter.
Hamanako (Lake Hamana) eel is particularly well known for its thick and firm flesh with just the right amount of fat, and consistence in quality. Eel is highly nutritious and good for stamina when one is feeling run down or tired.

Typical eel dishes are unajuu and unadon. The difference between the two is that unajuu is served in a lacquered layered box, while unadon is served in a bowl (or donburi). Both dishes feature grilled eel on rice. Unajuu tends to be more expensive and will often include kimosui - a clear soup containing eel liver - and pickles.

How to get there

By public transportation
1-minute walk from JR Hamamatsu Station.

Hours: operation 11:00-20:30

Address: Hamanako Unagi Maruhama by Lake Hamana Aquacultural Cooperatives
Bic Camera Bldg., Sunayama-cho 322-4, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 430-0926

Airport: Shizuoka Airport


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