Japanese Tradition Resides in Murakami
A former castle town, Murakami is located at the north end of Niigata Prefecture. In addition to its delicious salted salmon and carved lacquer wear, Murakami is also famous for Machiya, traditional wooden townhouses and shops which are rich in Japanese culture and history, both on the inside and out. A stroll through the Machiya-laden streets in the downtown area of this relaxing, charming city will take visitors back through time to the Japan of centuries gone by.
From approximately March to early April every year, the Murakami Machiya Doll’s Festival brings some extra springtime magic to the city, with approximately 75 Machiya owners proudly displaying their personal doll collections to visitors, totaling close to 4,000 dolls. What makes this festival so unique is the fact that each Machiya owner welcomes visitors inside so they can better appreciate the dolls at close hand.

How to get there

By public transportation
Murakami City is easily accessible via the JR Uetsu Line which runs through Niigata City.

By car
Go north on National Route 7 from Niigata, Shibata or Nakajo.

Address: Chonin Town, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture

Airport: Niigata Airport


Open all year

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