Morioka Reimen Noodles

These cold-served noodles originated in Pyongyang and appeared in Morioka around 1954 when a Korean-born resident of the city tried making the dish as a reminder of home. Today it is one of Morioka's trademark "Big Three" noodle dishes, together with Morioka Jajamen and Wanko Soba.

The secret of the dish is the smooth texture and full-bodiedness of the noodles made from wheat flour and starch. That, and the cold soup condensed from beef stock and other flavors.

Most restaurants offer three to five levels of spiciness of the kimchi used in the dish. For those not partial to spicy food, or those who wanto get the level of spiciness just right, the "betsu-kura" (spice on the side) option is recommended.

Besides kimchi, eggs, cuts of beef, apples, nashi pears, and other seasonal fruit and vegetables are used as toppings to accentuate the dish's flavors.

With its unique taste and way of eating, many say it's a case of once bitten, forever smitten!

Address: Morioka-shi, Iwate

Airport: Hanamaki Airport

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