Niigata: The Home of Fine Sake
This traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage has garnered so much popularity among people around the world, it needs little introduction. Made from fermented rice and produced in regions right across Japan, sake comes in many varieties. One region in Japan particularly revered for its sake is Niigata Prefecture. Various factors are responsible for this. Niigata is blessed with fertile land suitable for nurturing the high-quality rice necessary for fine sake, while heavy mountain snowfalls in the region melt into pristine water, the other vital ingredient in sake production, giving sake from Niigata its subtle flavor and aroma. Furthermore, the regular snowfall purifies the air, aiding the growth of koji, an important mold employed in Niigata’s age-old sake-brewing process. In addition to offering mellow and rich-flavored sake, Niigata boasts an extensive range of crisp, dry tasting sake, tanrei karakuchi, which are highly enjoyed by all and have come to be regarded as the finest sake in Japan, and maybe the world. Niigata’s wide range of sake can be sampled at various sake tasting events and venues which are held across the Prefecture, such as at Ponshu Kan, a sake museum located inside Niigata Station.

Address: 3F CoCoLo West Hall, Niigata Station, Hanazono, Chuo Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
ex) Ponshu Kan

Airport: Niigata Airport

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