Sennan city is famous not only for its long history and rich culture, but also for its beautiful seaside area, offering a variety of leisure opportunities amidst the striking backdrop of the ocean. A prime destination is the newly opened Sennan Long Park, where visitors can enjoy delicious food, get some exercise, or simply kick back and relax on the long white-sand beach, selected as one of the 100 best sunset spots in all of Japan. Just 20 minutes by car or 25 minutes by train and a little walk from Kansai International Airport, it makes an ideal first or final stop on your itinerary.

SENNAN LONG PARK is largely divided into four areas. First is the Activity Area, perfect for athletes and active types, featuring several exercise facilities such as a four-floor, 15.5m-high elevated obstacle course called “Heart Throb” where you can enjoy more than 100 activities, a skate park, a soccer field, a beach yoga and Nordic walking in Sennan Long Park or a spa with open-air baths and saunas in SORA RINKU.

Next is the Community Area, an open space for relaxing, with a resort-style BBQ area and an assortment of open terrace restaurants. Enjoy a coffee or matcha green tea break with an ocean view, authentic Chinese cuisine, a tasty burger, or treat yourself to delicious BBQ.

On weekends or holidays, you won’t want to miss the Marche (Market) Area—a collaboration with Okadaura Fishing Port and one of the biggest markets in the Senshu region. Here, you can delight in fresh, local, and seasonal specialties, including dishes such as takoyaki (fried batter balls filled with chunks of octopus) or the topical, successfully cultivated “Sennan anago (Sennan conger eel)” .

Finally, there’s the Glamping Area, a luxurious site featuring the modern accommodations of Urban Camp Hotel Marble Beach. There are four types of independent beachside cottages to choose from, with pink, light blue, yellow, and marine blue décor. Each comes complete with a kitchen, a living room, a jacuzzi and an outdoor dining space where you can enjoy BBQ.

Pick a cottage of your favorite color, go shopping at the market in the morning, enjoy a stylish lunch in the comfort of a terrace sofa, hone your mind and body with beach yoga in the afternoon, and then kick back with a BBQ a beautiful sunset. After all that, gaze up at the starry sky of Sennan before turning in for the night, and you’re sure to wake up refreshed, relaxed, and ready to continue your journey the next day.

Hours: The park is open 24 hours.
Hours for individual facilities hours may vary; please refer to the official website.

Admission: Park admission is free.
Admission fees for individual facilities admission may vary; please refer to the official website.

Address: 2-201 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture

Airport: Kansai International Airport

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