Chanko nabe

Chanko nabe is a unique nabe (hot pot) dish eaten by sumo wrestlers (rikishi), but also refers to all meals prepared by the wrestler (referred to as chanko-ban) who is rostered to prepare food for all the sumo wrestlers in a stable.
Many rikishi live in sumo stables. Eating is regarded as part of their training, and large amounts of food is eaten to put on weight.
Chanko nabe is an ideal meal for rikishi as it is simple to prepare and only requires one pot to cook large quantities of nutritionally-balanced food. And, sitting around the nabe or hot pot is also an opportunity to strengthen the bond amongst the rikishi.
Although nabe is eaten everyday in the sumo stable, rikishi never get tired of this dish as the ingredients change on a daily basis and there is also a wide range of seasonings.

There are a lot of chanko-nabe restaurants in Tokyo run by ex-rikishi, with many located near the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Arena or the sumo stables. A great time to enjoy the diverse range of chanko-nabe is after watching a sumo match.

※Chanko-ban - Person in the sumo stable who is rostered to cook. This role is often undertaken by young apprentices.

How to get there

By public transportation
1-minute walk from east exit of Ryogoku Station (Sobu Line). 3-minute walk from A4 exit of Ryogoku Station (Tokyo Metro Oedo Line).

Address: Chanko Edosawa Tokyo So-honten
Ryogoku 3-24-11, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Airport: Haneda Airport

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