Dassai 23

This Junmai Daiginjo from Yamaguchi Prefecture's Asashi Shuzo is popular enough to command a premium price for its fruity aroma and flavor. It attracted further attention when Prime Minister Abe presented a bottle to President Obama, and again when it turned up as the drink of choice of a character in the anime movie "Evangelion".
Dassai 23 is the finest quality product offered in the Dassai line of sake. It uses only the heart of the rice kernel, which is milled to just 23% (in other words, 77% of the grain is polished off).
The flavor is supremely delicate, with an elegant aroma and richness, and an aftertaste that is worth every drop.
Dassai 23 is perfect for gift-giving.

Address: 2167-4 Shutomachi-Osogoe, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Airport: Yamaguchiube Airport

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