Nishio City: Visit Japan’s Matcha Heartland

Rich, aromatic, and offering numerous documented health benefits, matcha or powdered green tea is undoubtedly one of Japan’s greatest exports to the world. The charming castle town of Nishio in Aichi Prefecture is the number one producer of matcha in all of Japan, and there’s no better place to learn about partake in this uniquely Japanese tradition.

Enjoy a soothing cup of tea with traditional Japanese sweets at any one of the casual teahouses in town, or get the full experience of an authentic Japanese tea ceremony. Tour a factory to see just how matcha is processed, or visit the tea fields where the tencha tea leaves (the raw material for matcha) are grown.

Rent an exquisite kimono and stroll the scenic castle town, full of historic temples, residences, museums, performing arts, crafts, and more, and you’ll swear you slipped back centuries into Japan’s past. Nishio City also home to a seaside hot spring resort—Kira Onsen, with its palm tree-lined beaches—breathtaking mountain vistas at Mt. Sangane, and a wide menu of scrumptious local delicacies (don’t miss out on the eel!).

A well-connected city bus system together with convenient car and bicycle rental services makes exploring all that Nishio City has to offer a breeze. Just an hour from Nagoya, it’s a must-visit destination for longtime green tea lovers and newcomers alike.

Hours: Nishio Tourist Information Center is open daily from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Admission: Admission fees may apply for individual facilities.

Address: 4-64 Hananoki-cho, Nishio City, Aichi (Nishio Tourist Information Center)

Airport: Chubu Centrair International Airport


Open year-round.


From Nagoya Station, take the Meitetsu Main Line express train bound for Kira-Yoshida, and disembark at Nishio Station (about 55 minutes).

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