Saga Beef

In recent years, Japanese premium beef “Wagyu” has become more popular internationally.
Saga Beef is one of Wagyu brand that boasts top class quality.
It tastes delicious whether eaten as steak, shabu-shabu, or healthy seiro-mushi. People from all over the world flock to Saga to savor delicious Saga Beef.

Its tender red meat is interspersed with fine veins of flavorsome fat for a striking marbled effect. Only beef that passes strict criteria can be called “Saga Beef”.
It must be equivalent to the Japan Meat Grading Association's top grade of 4 or 5, and have a Beef Marbling Standard (BMS) rating of 7 or higher out of the maximum of 12.

Saga Beef is a product of the rich natural environment of Saga Prefecture, nurtured lovingly by fattening farmers in its mild climate, and using the benefits of its delicious water and crisp clean air. The farmers tend their cattle with rigorous attentiveness, showering them with affection and using expert rearing techniques to ensure they feel no stress from the time they are calves.

Address: Sagagyu(Saga Beef) Restaurant “KIRA Honten “
3-9-16 Otakara, Saga City, Saga Prefecture

Airport: Nagasaki Airport
Fukuoka Airport

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