Tata Lunch

Tottori’s Hino District has a long and storied history with tatara, the traditional Japanese furnace used to smelt iron and steel since times of yore. This mountainous region is also home to mouth-wateringly fresh vegetables for all four seasons. Food enthusiasts visiting Hino can delight in the remarkable marriage of the two by ordering a Tata Lunch: a local delicacy sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Tata Lunch refers not to a specific dish, but rather a style of cuisine designed to capture Hino’s rich metalworking history and agricultural blessings to the fullest. First, only the finest, locally grown seasonal ingredients are selected. Second, they are grilled teppanyaki style on a black iron plate, where they sizzle amidst the dancing flames. Finally, they are served on striking black tableware, further evoking the mystical feel of a tatara furnace.

The unique dining experience that is Tata Lunch can be enjoyed at restaurants in the three towns that comprise the district of Hino, and can be found in three varieties—Japanese, Western-style, and Chinese—meaning that there’s something for everyone. With the dishes ever-changing along with the seasons, it’s a taste you’ll want to go back for time and again.

Address: Tottori Prefecture, Japan


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