Tatehana Wharf Morning Market

Appearing only in the early hours of every Sunday morning, the Tatehana Wharf Morning Market is the largest of its kind within Aomori and the Tohoku region—and in fact, perhaps all of Japan. Located in the city of Hachinohe, this weekend spectacle sees the typically quiet fishing port come alive with countless stalls, each offering fresh fruits of the sea and other delicious local products. A popular spot amongst locals and tourists alike, it draws tens of thousands of visitors every week.

Though the highlight is undoubtedly the fresh and dried seafood caught right in the port, you’ll also find a remarkable variety of other goods in this delightfully frenetic market, including local-grown fruit and vegetables, bread, kitchen utensils, sewing machines, and occasionally even at one point, cars. If you’re looking for something even more unique, you can find gummy candies made to resemble realistic-looking larvae, perfect for teasing your family. Be careful, though—this popular item sells out quick.

With over 300 stalls stretched out over some 800 meters to explore, and live music to enjoy as well, this is the perfect place for an amazing breakfast adventure on a bright Sunday morning with your loved ones.

Address: 3-chome Shinminato, Hachinohe, Aomori

Airport: Aomori Airport


From sunrise to approximately 9:00 a.m.
* For the year 2020, open every Sunday from early July to December.
* Normally held from mid-March to December 30.

10-minute walk from Mutsu-Minato Station on the JR Hachinohe Line

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