Tofu has been popular for centuries in East Asian and South-east Asian regions. The characteristics of Japanese tofu are its white color, softness, and subtle flavor. Delicious tofu requires quality groundwater, which Kyoto has in abundance, and as a result, Kyoto is famous for dishes featuring quality tofu. The long history of shojin ryori (vegetarian cuisine) traditionally eaten in temples has also had a major influence on Kyoto's tofu culture.


The ingredients are tofu, water and kombu (kelp). The kelp is placed inside the nabe (hot pot), followed by the tofu. Once the tofu has heated through, it is scooped up using a ladle-strainer, dipped in sauce, and eaten. It is a dish perfect for enjoying the inherent flavor and properties of tofu.


Yuba is the skin which forms when soy milk is heated over time, and is used as an ingredient in suimono (light broth), or eaten fresh, dipped in soy sauce.

Tofu Dengaku

Skewers of tofu, covered with a paste made with miso, sugar or mirin and flavored with yuzu or kinome (Japanese pepper leaf buds). The skewers are then grilled.

Other unusual tofu dishes which are often a part of a tofu banquet include goma dofu (sesame tofu) and tamago dofu (egg tofu).

How to get there

By public transportation
Approximately 5-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho Mae subway station.

Address: Specialty Tofu Restaurant
Tousuiro Kiyamachi Honten
Kami Osaka-machi 517-3, Sanjo Agaru, Kiya-machi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

Airport: Itami Airport
Kansai Airport


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