Yoroushi Onsen

A small, secluded hot spring resort nestled in fall foliage
Situated in the upper reaches of the Shibetsu River, Yoroushi Onsen is a small spa resort located deep in the forest. The banks of the river's tributaries are studded with ryokan (guest houses) where the sound of babbling brooks soothe guests as they relax in the thermal baths and savor the sight of the fall foliage. The area around the resort features well-known leaf-peeping spots such as "Milk Road", which winds through the heart of Japan's dairy country.

Address: Yoroushi Onsen, Nakashibetsu-cho, Shibetsu-gun, Hokkaido

Airport: Memanbetsu Airport
Kushiro Airport


Ailments said to be alleviated by the thermal waters include:
Neuralgia, joint pain, chronic digestive diseases and other conditions

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